Harrell Dental Implant Center: Easing Your Implant Discomfort

As a patient, understanding exactly what your dental implant procedure will entail prior to placement is extremely beneficial. Dr. Robert Harrell and his caring, experienced team at Harrell Dental Implant Center believe in addressing all patient questions or concerns during the preliminary planning stages. Having you feel confident and educated about the various stages of receiving implants promotes comfort and optimal outcomes.

Preparing your jaw for dental implants sometimes requires preparatory dental work, including bone grafting. Dr. Harrell will discuss all needed procedures with you ahead of time and explain the different anesthetic options available. The Center offers a full range of sedation methods from conscious pill sedation to full unconscious anesthesia. Feel confident knowing that your sedation concerns will be completely addressed.

The following post talks about the level of pain one can expect from receiving implants.

Dental Implants: Discomfort During Procedures

Of course, dental implant procedures are surgery, and all surgical procedures do involve some amount of pain and discomfort. However, since anesthesia is administered during implant procedures, most patients experience minimal discomfort during simple implant placement. Patients who are having bone grafts or other supplemental procedures done may experience a bit more discomfort than the average simple implant patient, and some surgical techniques lead to more discomfort than others.

Post-Procedure Discomfort

Pain and discomfort after the placement of dental implants is generally comparable to the after-effects of other common dental procedures. Since incisions are made in the gums during the procedure, there may be minor bleeding at the implant site immediately following the procedure and some discomfort is common as the effects of anesthesia wear off, typically within two to four hours after surgery. Some patients experience minor bruising in the gums and/or face, especially those who have had bone grafts, as well as some swelling in those areas. Most often, basic pain medications, such as ibuprofen, acetaminophen or codeine are sufficient to alleviate post-procedure discomfort. Find more details at ccomfs.com

Further chances of discomfort during the healing phase can be minimized if you follow the proper care instructions given to you. Being extra gentle during your oral care routine and while eating is vital until osseointegration (the process whereby the implant fuses with the bone) occurs. It is vital that you establish and maintain proper brushing, flossing and swishing habits once your dental implants completely heal.


Caring for my dental implant(s)

Because dental implants are placed in the jawbone, artificial replacement teeth attached to implants look and act much like natural teeth. Like natural teeth, implants need to be kept clean using a toothbrush and floss. Your dentist will show you the proper cleaning procedure for implants. Regular dental checkups are important so your dentist can make sure that your bite is right and that your implants are not loose.

What else should I know?

  • Several visits to your dentist or dental specialist may be needed until the process is done.
  • Checkups will be scheduled during the following year so your dentist can be sure your implants are working properly.
  • You will need to take very good care of your implants.
  • Implants can cost more than other kinds of replacement teeth and might not be covered by your dental plan. But in most cases this is a one-time cost, unlike other kinds of tooth replacement procedures.
  • Although rare, possible complications due to dental implants include bleeding, infection, numbness or injury to nearby muscles or the sinus cavity. In some cases, the implant may not be successful because it didn’t bond to the bone. More info from Canadian Dental Association

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